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International Youth Network
International Youth Network
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The official page for young entrepreneurs, professionals, and business persons. A space for continued learning and networking for young leaders across Africa.


Thank you for being a part of the International Youth Network! 

To improve your experience of this group and to ensure that it is relevant to your interests, we monitor and moderate content posted to the group. 

  • This group is for African youths. It’s a place to connect with other young industry and social leaders across different boundaries, and share learning and opportunities about leadership, entrepreneurship, organizational and personal growth, etc.; both at a local and global level. 
  • Please avoid posting anything on this group that could be interpreted as self-promotion or spam – for example, selling your product. LinkedIn offers many ways to promote your business, yourself, and your ideas to the audience you want to target; groups are not the appropriate forum to do this. 
  • Remember to keep discussions respectful, and be courteous even if someone says something you disagree with. This is a space for open conversation, and we want to make sure that every member has the opportunity to speak freely. 
  • If you engage in abusive or offensive behavior towards other members or group managers, you will be removed from the group. 

You can also report inappropriate content or spam when you see it – reporting this type of content helps everybody in the group, and it helps the LinkedIn team identify trends so they can prevent similar activity in all groups. 

We are delighted to have you as part of this group, and we look forward to learning from each other.

This is a private group.

Please request to join to see the content.