Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest


You may have heard of the term hair porosity, and wondered what it meant. 

Basically, hair porosity is about your hair's ability of being able to absorb and retain moisture. 

Also, your hair's porosity affects how well oils and moisture pass in and out of the outermost layer of your hair.

Some people care for their hair according to porosity. (Low, medium and high) and they follow the hair care rules for different porosity types. 

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

Well, I don't care for my hair based on porosity. I care for my hair based on what my hair reacts to. If something makes my hair really soft and manageable I stick with it. And, if my hair is reacting in an unpleasant way to something, I stop it. 

I feel the best way to care for your hair is by being attuned to your hair's needs and reactions to different things you put on it.        

Now, here's why I don't believe so much in hair porosity...

  1. The hair you are doing a porosity test on might be damaged, so you don't get the right results.
  2. You might actually have different hair porosity types on your head (yea, this happens) so what do you do, you care for each part differently? I think not.

Personally, I believe that when we learn to be attentive to our hair. Also, not forgetting to throw in a heavy dose of patience in the mix. Then our hair will definitely bloom and shine.