Beer is better than Milk

Last week I saw a baby chose beer 🍻 over milk.

Shocking right?

Here's the thing.

Motivational speakers will tell you that 'you can reach for the stars.'

That 'you should go for it even if it might seem out of your league.'

This moved my heart like faith as small as a mustard seed will move a mountain.


I have learned that, a lot of the small stuff we choose to skip in the process of reaching for the stars are meant to properly build us to conquer the #stars.

🗨 Can a seed without good conditions grow to be a fine tree?

🤔 How then can a child that without adequate/good nourishment touch the stars?

Sometimes we are our own #nemesis.

Dear youth,

Choose to be nourished for sustainable growth.

Africa needs to learn to create and not just consume.