It is funny how the rest of the world apart from Africans think Africa is a nation. That is rather false because Africa is a continent with 54 countries in it, these countries are blessed with different languages, art, culture, talents, ways of entertaining and most importantly, great heroes.

Research shows that no country in Africa is under colonization and this is as a result of the effort of our past heroes who had visions and foresight to know we can be on our own. But it is a pity, that with time, their visions faded. For most African countries, the educational sector hasn't greatly improved but rather, people pay more or even travel outside of Africa to get that knowledge and quality of education they desire. Africa really needs to rise and focus on the vision to make our educational system great.

Africa is the 2nd richest continent in the world because of how blessed the nations in her are. The rest of the world needs Africa and it's natural resources desperately since alternative resources are almost non-existent outside of Africa. Other continents needs Africa to produce mobile phones, airplanes, cats, jewellery and a lot more, which would have made Africa not to really need the help of the rest of the world, but it is unfortunate that reverse is the case. Our technology is still behind what other continents enjoy. Africa needs to rise and make that great impact for the world to see and enjoy.

Africa is the center of attraction for renewable energy investments and nature tourism apart from agribusiness. World Bank has invested openly into energy generation in hydro power and solar. There are potential markets for geothermal, solar and wind power as per the report of International Renewable Energy Agency (2015), on the future of renewable energy by International Renewable Energy Agency..

According to the report of World Economic Forum (2019) on travel & tourism competitiveness, Africa encloses great opportunities in tourism. It has improved in the openness indicators, though friendly visa policies, but it has yet to ensure hospitality and hygiene. No doubt the natural riches of Africa can boost the economy as well as generate employment for the new generations.

Yet, there have evolved numerous factors which serves immense scope of socioeconomic growth of African nations. The need of the hour is to establish the rule of law in the land and review policies to support business and helping all sector productivity. With strong political will, Africa would absolutely be on the path of being great again!