Often times, we crave for acceptance from everyone and everything.

We crave for likes and comments in our posts. It kinda makes us feel important or feel among.

But most times, these likes and comments don't come. 😖
As a result, we find ourselves checking our posts every once in a while to see if there's more comments and likes to it.

So let me ask you, what if you don't get any?

What if the only like you get is from your siblings or that guy or babe who is seriously crushing on you?

Just what if?

You see in life, it is always hard to triumph. It takes time to build, to sell, to conquer.

So for now, keep building, keep adding value, keep dishing out amazing contents, keep inspiring, motivating and educating others.

For the likes and comments, they can come if they want.

We don't touch lives because we want to be liked.

We touch lives because that's who we are.


TGIF 💃💃💃