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Mary-Rose Ilaya
Natural hair coach | Natural beauty enthusiast | Creative content writer | Lover of African fashion | I speak positivity 🌱
Heard of the concept called failing forward? I am a proponent of that concept. It seeks to let individuals know that, you didn't fail at something, if you learnt from it. For instance, Mr A gave a pitch in a... (More)
Jacinta Oluchukwu Ezeokafor
Aspiring Project Management Assistant
When you operate from the place of comfort zone, you never know how much potentials you have and how much more you can achieve.

Dare to do more!

#growth #motivation #careergrowth #jobseekers #comfortzone #mondaymotivations #positivemindset
Olatunji B. Alonge
Business Strategist || Growth Activator || Anointed Author || Keynote Speaker
Who else missed my session with the super smart 9years old Alex?

You did right?

No problem, catch up here;

Alex said, "A man without vision is a dead man."
Lindsay E. Eke
Copywriter 🖋 Content Writer 🖋 Project Manager
Life may not be as cruel as we think it to be. It has a way of arming us with the things we need to get by. The problem is, we are to shortsighted and overwhelmed by our troubles that... (More)