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Mary-Rose Ilaya
Natural hair coach | Natural beauty enthusiast | Creative content writer | Lover of African fashion | I speak positivity 🌱
Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. That was the sound the faulty tap was making, as it struggled to bring out drops of water into the drum. So, I woke up to a faulty tap, and they just pumped the water. To... (More)
Emeh Joy Chioma
Writer|Blogger|Content Creator|Content Editor|Public Health

How cyberbullying can affect both health and mental well being

Cyberbullying affects both the bully and the bullied. This what most people do not know.

Is your child a bully and you give blind eyes and deaf ears to that? Just so you know, your child would likely need help... (More)

Joseph Lubinda
Software and Artificial Intelligence Engineer
I look forward to Africa when it shall be viewed for what it really is, The Motherland, host to some of the greatest minds ever to have lived, full of warm vibrant people with strong beliefs, customs and traditions. Having... (More)